Jim Morse--who sold computer timesharing on what were called "minicomputers" at the time--founded Morse Data in 1975. As computers became smaller and individual business ownership of computers became common, Morse Data sold software and hardware to businesses across the country. The first software was "Morse Data Orders System", a grass roots order management product. As computer costs dropped and power increased, re-writing of the order management system took place. The year was 1988 and programming of Morse Data's second software product, BookMark, began.

State of the art for the time, BookMark meant that Morse Data customers were running the same software application, which allowed Morse Data to upgrade customers with new features, thus extending the life of the application and giving their customers long term value for their investment. By 1992 Morse Data Corporation had doubled in size and BookMark was a leading order management system across the country.

By 1995 big changes taking place in software in parallel with the light speed success of Windows. By 1998, Morse Data decided to author a Windows-based application.

In 2001 Morse Data introduced InOrder - a new product launched into the heart of the "dot com boom (and bust.)". "That was one tough storm to weather as a company," Morse said. But by the end of 2004, InOrder sales were rising and Morse Data was firmly back on track.

Currently the Morse Data Development Team is working on a new Web-based User Interface that will expedite the development process, improve usability for our clients, and enhance portability of the software. This furthers our on-going vision of enhancing the user experience. The new interface features the ability to re-size any windows, support for CSS-based interface customization, and the ability to run InOrder on browser-enabled devices.

This revamped interface is different because it enables us and our InOrder users to fully leverage their existing InOrder investment. The database tier and the logic tier are rock solid and already take advantage of the latest capabilities offered by SQL Server 2014 such as Always On Availability Clustering. This change only affects the user interface tier, which is being completely rebuilt to take advantage of the latest object programming platforms and techniques that were not available when the current desktop client was initially developed.

Today Morse Data prides itself on offering the premier Enterprise Management System in America. It is also a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

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