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  • Everyone sees the same information at the same time - from the web, to phones, to storefronts. Your people help customers with complete, consistent information in real time, every time; questions get answered, options are offered and additional revenue is realized. Learn More »
  • Know which campaigns are working, which customers are buying, what they're buying and what they're not. You can also manage lists, promotions and customers. Use real-time data, historic behaviors and predictive modeling to craft your next campaign.
  • A lot happens between that first customer call and final billing, like order entry, picking, packing, and shipping. InOrder follows every order through the process and allows instant access to where it is - keeping your CSRs informed and your customers happy. Learn More »
  • InOrder not only knows the warehouse, it knows the age and location of every item at the bin level. Using barcoded item and location labels, lot tracking and serial number management, InOrder makes it easy to improve logistics, inventory turnover and your workflow. Learn More »
  • Count on InOrder. InOrder's accounting system manages Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Purchasing. All are highly linked with other areas of InOrder, allowing visibility and functionality in real-time across all departments. Learn More »
  • With InOrder, one database unifies the business and the website - keeping your site's inventory availability, pricing, promotions, discounts, content, order status, history and tracking - all in real time. Learn More »
  • You can't manage what you can't see. InOrder allows you visibility into all the moving parts of your business - run hundreds of reports to better track your business. Our reports engine is fully transparent, allowing you to change fields and create custom reports easily. Learn More »
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Automate Your Marketing Program with InOrder’s Marketing Software

Make the most of up- and cross-selling opportunities

InOrder’s marketing software supports complete marketing management with targeted list generation and promotions. Automation of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities means more revenue per order.

To learn more, request your complimentary demo – just fill out the form to the right.

A few of the benefits of using InOrder’s marketing software:

  • Full integration – Works seamlessly with other InOrder modules, including CRM.
  • Robust – Manage a wide spectrum of marketing programs, from loyalty to email marketing to list management.
  • On-target messaging – Easily create subsets of your client or prospect lists for personalized promotions.
InOrder’s Integrated Suite of Features include:

Loyalty Programs

Your loyalty program separates you from your competitors. With this module, you can offer rewards for signing up, providing email addresses, referring a friend or buying merchandise. Have double or triple point promotions or offer special redemption rewards such as tee shirts or discounts. Send automatic reminders of point expiry dates or points needed to reach the next award level. Experience customer loyalty like never before!

Marketing Analysis

Have all the tools you need to find pockets of opportunity within product, prospect and customer lists. Analyze promotions, test new sales territories, and predict future demand.

List Management

Cultivate and grow the most profitable segments of your house list. Validate addresses and cleanse any not recognized.

Email Acknowledgements

Create standard and personalized notifications for a variety of transactions, such as orders, shipments and receipts.

Email Marketing

Communicate with customers and prospects on a regular basis. Let them know about new products, “hot items,” and promotions. Distribute your monthly newsletter via email.

Gift Cards and Certificates

Create secure and customized gift cards and certificates to increase sales. Gift cards and gift certificates can be purchased and redeemed through all sales channels.

Multiple Languages

Send sales invoices and statements in your customers’ preferred languages.

Word and Email Correspondence

Create standard or personalized emails and letters for customers and vendors.

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