FAQs: Implementing InOrder ERP software into my business

Q. Do you assign implementation project managers?

A. Yes. For each implementation we assign an implementation project manager who will work with you from beginning to end.

Q. What is the installation process? What services are provided?

A. We’ve developed a repeatable framework for successful implementation. Services provided vary with modules, enhancements and business-rule design. We work with you to assess the services you need for successful installation.

Q. How do we transfer data from our existing system to the InOrder system?

A. Our conversion specialists are experts in migrating data from your legacy system to InOrder. Data transfer is typically done at your location with assistance from the people in your organization most familiar with the data.

Q. What ongoing support do you provide?

A. Every InOrder installation comes with a term-based, unlimited customer support warranty, along with an ongoing annual support agreement. InOrder software support typically consists of a monthly allocation of phone and email customer support as well as continual upgrades. If you discover a bug, we will fix the problem at no additional cost.

Q. What additional support is available?

A. Additional support is available through user manuals, context sensitive help within the software, and access to our customer support personnel. You will also become a member of and have access to our community knowledge base. This group of experienced InOrder users is a great way to share ideas and innovations.

Q. What training programs do you have?

A. We provide extensive training programs, from basic to advanced, for managers and users.

Q. What manager training do you provide?

A. We typically train managers prior to users, usually after data conversion. This allows for a more real-life training experience. We provide a safe, friendly, collaborative environment where managers are encouraged to ask questions. Once trained, managers can assist in training users.

Q. What user training do you provide?

A. We provide multiple onsite user training sessions tailored to your company's needs. InOrder instructors conduct each session and we limit class sizes to 15 students to ensure maximum interaction.

Q. What Crystal Reports training do you provide?

A. Business Objects provides Crystal Report training at various locations around the country. We strongly recommend their Introductory Report Design and Crystal Info Administrator courses.
We supplement Business Objects training with specific InOrder report training. Our training covers report design, database design and our data dictionary, so your team can start customizing and editing the more than 200 InOrder reports included with installation.

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